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Like Sangorea not whiskey. A southern girl nevertheless, classy sophisticated country style. I am like the wine i get better with age. A genuine lady with morals and values placed inside my heart by faith which has been a savior for my soul. This heart of gold like my grandmother who raised me I show compassion always sincerely. The best of my Baptist raising used throughout my years of raising my children. Anyone who knows faith I have enough just saying!

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    totally agree with this writer. I don’t want to leaved behind a road where my loving grandchildren see this long gap where I accomplish nothing to waist ink on. But then I find WordPress and I began to write all kinds of stuff most of which the world would either couldn’t make any since out of it or it is to bazaar to believe. My thoughts, well thing about it anxiety disorder, bipolar depression, along with the fact that out like normal ended when I started to school the first time, If I had of made it and not withdrawn but the teacher said he was thinking of what would be best for me. I was lead around by suggestion from anyone I let get close to me, and I married him never saw him before in my life. Was married in 6 month, that’s a book in itself. I’m just waking up and my life I must say was anything but never boring,


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