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Follow Your Contribution, Not Passion — John Saddington

I was reviewing this graduation speech (yet again) via Ben Horowitz and I locked in on his idea here about following one’s contribution instead of following one’s passion: Following your passion is a very me-centered view of the world. And when you go through life what you’ll find is what you take out of the world…

via Follow Your Contribution, Not Passion — John Saddington


Like Sangorea not whiskey. A southern girl nevertheless, classy sophisticated country style. I am like the wine i get better with age. A genuine lady with morals and values placed inside my heart by faith which has been a savior for my soul. This heart of gold like my grandmother who raised me I show compassion always sincerely. The best of my Baptist raising used throughout my years of raising my children. Anyone who knows faith I have enough just saying!

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